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The Newest Stuff

First: THE SUNDERED is Now An Audiobook!

I am THRILLED about this. Click the links to hear a sample and buy, or visit the blog post to learn more about it: Audible (NEW)iTunes (NEW), Amazon Audio (NEW)

Second: Get my books in a REAL store

Ever in the NJ-PA-NY tristate area? You can pick up a copy of my (signed) books at HAVEN FOR HEROES, 34-36 Front St, Port Jervis, NY 12771

Third: Newest Short Stories

Fourth: Newest Audio

Random Freebies and Resources

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Fanart Gallery
Otherwise known as eye candy.

Wherein I attempt (slowly) to keep track of my increasingly tentacular universe.

Not sure about all this? Check out the free excerpts from all my books!

Curious about what your fellow readers think? If so, here you go.

How to Send Files to Your Kindle
Did you get a book from me via email? This guide will tell you how to put that book on your Kindle.

Publishing Resources
Wherein I attempt to link to all the information you need to write your book and get published.

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