Short Stories

Short stories and juicy tidbits from Ruthanne Reid and the universe of AMONG THE MYTHOS.

Feather Dreams (A short story by Ruthanne Reid)

Feather Dreams

I done worse things than follow some half-human kid toward the beginning of a new world.…


He’d always painted what he saw; these visions pushed him, bled out his eyes, and the only cure for augural blindness was to splatter it out in colors, shapes, forms.…

Marked (A short story by Ruthanne Reid)


On a hill, he sat.

Alex didn’t match the location. Casually ragged jeans and a worn
orange shirt stood out in this fantasy-field setting, at odds with
distant four-winged birds and the glimmer of unicorn horns.

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Chosen (A short story by Ruthanne Reid)


“Go calm down the idiots, would you?” said Iskinder, gaze locked on the screen. “It is time for you to use your particular talent for crowd control.”…


Soon, I’ll have enough, and I can step out of this idiot game and I swear, I swear, no one is ever going to touch me again.…

Tea (A short story by Ruthanne Reid)


Ancient vampire Notte has tea with a friend right in the middle of some… family business. Awkward! (No spoilers. A side-story from NOTTE.)…

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