Catching Up

So there’s a lot going on right now.

1. Grandma is very ill – senile dementia plus a bad fall has left her less than well.

2. Might be moving in the next few months.

3. Some very personal lines are being drawn in the sand.

4. I am doing NaNoWriMo.

Let’s just say it’s been a month for learning things, both about myself and other people. I’m tired; I’m determined. I’m more than ever sure that I’m on the right path. I’m hurting; I’m proud. One way or another, this month will bring great things.

Some links for your perusal:

Let’s Talk About Goals: An article by Jason Black on the short, medium, and long-term goals of your protagonist.

In It For the Long Haul: Questions and answers from agent Rachelle Gardner about staying in publishing long-term.

The Author Bio: Six Important Components, an article by author Roni Loren. Hm, how to incorporate this….

This Query Sucks: an absolutely FANTASTIC guest post on query-writing by author Jim Duncan. He hits every point, I think.

Bad Agents: an article on agent!fail by agent Wendy Lawton.

Writing No-no’s by author Georgia McBride.

Top 10 Productivity Pitfalls by author Claudia Del Balso.

Five Tips For Writers from author Sasha White.

You Just Broke Your Child. Congratulations. An article that hits very, very close to home. Written by Noah’s Dad.

A 70-Year Shoebox Series – incredible photos from NPR, chronologing a life. You want to look at this. Trust me.

Eight Deadly Sins for Novel-Writing by author Angela Ackerman. Very good stuff.

And on that note, goodnight. NaNoWriMo starts early tomorrow, folks. Hope you’re all as eager as I am.

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