Ravena has her reasons for refusing Notte – and none of them involve survival. Terrance, meanwhile, has no reason to doubt Notte… except for the new fear Notte might leave him.. A continuation of HALF-SHELL PROPHECIES.


This short story is part of a much bigger universe, and on the off-chance you’re picking it up without context, allow me to give you a few tidbits so you can just sit back, read, and enjoy.

To Read Before

The free short story, EXPECTED.


This is the world of the Mythos, an alternate history of Earth with pocket dimensions and magical shenanigans. While all manner of beings populate it, this story deals primarily with Night Children, otherwise called vampires. Night Children are humans who have been transformed into powerful beings by an exchange of blood.


Knife: a specialized assassin, dedicated to the welfare and safety of the one who holds their oath.


  • Notte

    Notte: the first and most powerful of all Night Children, Notte is the “Father” of them all, and he takes that very seriously. Every decision he makes is to ensure his family’s safety and happiness—including strict control to help them keep their bloodlust under wraps. Not everyone appreciates that.

  • Ravena

    Ravena: his oldest “child,” she broke away from Notte three hundred years ago to form her own family of vampires. She believes that both she and Notte have outlived their time, and that he especially needs to die—but Notte believes that if he dies, so will his children, so he won’t take the risk. His death is the only thing he’s never been willing to give her. Because she was once his Knife, she feels possessive of and bound to him, and refuses to die herself until she can ensure he does, too.

  • Terrance

    Terrance: Notte’s current Knife, Terrance does the messy work—hunting rogue vampires, removing threats to the family—and he does it with gusto. Once a thief and murderer in 12th century Ireland, he loves being Notte’s Knife as much as he loves being Notte’s, and there’s nothing he’s not willing to do. He might be a little bit of a psychopath, but at least he has a healthy outlet.

  • Jonathan

    Jonathan: he doesn’t appear in this story, but he does play a big part. He’s an impossibility: a magic-user who became a vampire, which simply doesn’t happen. His particular skill is telling the future by painting it, and he’s never wrong. He was Ravena’s, once upon a time, but Ravena doesn’t take well to rebellion, and she tortured him for years. Notte finally took Jonathan away from her because in her anger she was going to kill him.

  • Seishirou

    Seishirou: Ravena’s “Sword”—which is her version of Knife—he was an honorable Samurai centuries before when Ravena took him. He’s been unerringly faithful to her with one single exception: in the story Jonathan, he helped Jonathan escape Ravena and go to Notte, a transition Ravena considers theft. Seishirou had good reason for it, but she doesn’t respond well to betrayal, so he’s been doing all he could to hide his involvement. Unfortunately for him, she already knows.

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She usually did not come when called. Of course he could force her, make her, but he would not. The ties that bound them were already too fragile.

She stared down at the note, delivered by raven because its sender was a dramatic ninny, and debated whether to go.

Ravena, it began.

No “My dearest daughter”. No “My sharpened Knife”. No, just Ravena, without endearments, for the first time in thousands of years, and she could not decide if this omission made her happy or cut her a little more deeply.