Hi, lovely readers! This story is actually a sneak-peek of the future, after Notte’s book , so I feel it’s only right to give you a little context. Here’s what you need to know.

The Setup

 Far in our future, the magical and non-magical peoples of the earth are trying to sign a really important peace accord. Everyone from fiery djinn to ordinary humans (the “Ever-Dying” thanks to our relatively short lifespans) are in attendance.

The Speaker

Notte is 15,000 years old, the father of all vampires, called Night Children, and he’s more than a little frightening.


Notte spots a human politician carrying her infant son. This politician is totally based on Italian politician Licia Ronzulli, who brings her baby to parliament with her.

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You know as well as I why I do this, why I hold these reins so tightly.



I do not blame you for your fear. Humans are my prey – but my friend, I do not hunt small children.