STRINGS Cover Contest!

Exercise your voting power (and maybe get a free book)!

Hello, friends and neighbors! I have come to you with a humble request: help me choose a cover!

None of the fonts are certain, so do your best to ignore those (hence why I showed options without). Before you are three lovely images, each of which have possibility for Grey‘s novelette, but I really can’t choose.

And hey – since I’m writing these stories for you beautiful people anyway, it seems only right that I should ask for your opinions!

To sweeten the pot, I’ve added prizes. SOMEBODY will randomly be chosen to receive ACTUAL PRINTED BOOKS and I want to emphasize this part: winner of The Sundered, you won’t be getting it right away, but rather when the second edition comes out, you’ll get the NEW COVER second-edition, chock-full of never-before-seen stuff and answers.

Enough blathering. Take a look, think carefully, and enjoy! Feel free to ask questions and share.

Thank you all. Keep being awesome!

Cover #1

Cover #2

Cover #3

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14 thoughts on “STRINGS Cover Contest!”

  1. #2 has the most dynamic cover. The text is easy to read and has enough white space to let the reader take in what the book might be about without being overwhelmed with text effects and lots of image elements. Good luck!

    1. Thanks a ton! I’ll definitely add your vote. ๐Ÿ˜€ (Don’t forget to click the poll and enter the contest, too!)

  2. I as well like Cover #2 the best. The necklace and the slight upturn of the lips (almost like the beginnings of a sneer?) are intriguing, without being intrusive on the text.

    1. Exactly the kind of feedback I’m looking for! (Staring at images too much melts the brain.) Thanks, Erin!

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