*sneaks in*

Okay, I’m going to try something new – gonna do the lj-cut thing to post the two new ficlets here.

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*looks shifty*

I shouldn’t be up. I SO shouldn’t be up; but I couldn’t help it…

Wrote two teency short-fics.

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*rubs eyes*

Bwah. Tired. I’m also going to be moving everything off my computer in the next couple of days to do some maintenance, so if I’m not around much, that’s why.

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This is for her, really:

I am cleaning my bookshelves.

That is all.

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*pant pant*

Whew… I have FINALLY caught up on all the stuff that went undone while I was gone for the week.

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*poke poke poke REMIND*

Oh, before I forget – SIGN THE PETITION FOR TOKYO BABYLON, PLEASE. ^____^ Even spread the link on your own journal – people must know!

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Ooh, fun quiz thingy…

Blaaaaaah… I didn’t sleep a wink last night. @[email protected] Snifflingcoughinghackingsneezingsinusheadache. Shoot me.

Anyway, this quiz (via and ) looks fun – also, it doesn’t have a hundred and ninety-two questions.

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Subaru… PRIEST

Ooooooooh, I FORGOT TO MENTION – this is too funny.

Marsh was kind enough a while ago to make me a GORGEOUS t-shirt – one with that infamous “Subaru Sakurazukamori” pic on the front of it.

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CCD Fic – chapter three is up. ^_^ Read and enjoy!

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I’m nuts. *nodnodnod*

Guess what I did last night? *learning how to do the ‘cut’ thing, so you’ll have to click to find out*

I know, you’re not supposed to get sick on vacation, but guess what?

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