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Behold My Dorkiness, Take One

You think you’re high on the dorky meter? I may just have you beat. Behold: I have made My Little Pony versions of my dark-apocalyptic-dystopian-science-fiction protagonist and antagonist. (I’m pretty sure they’d both object.)


Aakesh as a Pony

Aakesh as a Pony

Beautiful, secretive, and vaguely androgynous *, Aakesh is skilled at interpreting orders to his benefit.

He’s possessive of his Sundered brethren, entering slavery by choice to protect them.

Everything he does is part of a plan – and human survival isn’t necessarily included.

*Because freaking out young heterosexual males is only half the fun.


Harry as a Pony

Harry as a Pony

Harry wants very badly to be a hero. Scratch that: he was raised to think he has to be, which isn’t quite the same thing.

The looming extinction of the human race is a hard thing to carry. The last thing Harry needs is a slave he cares about. The last thing he wants is the threat of Sundered extinction, not just his own.

The last thing he accepts is the reality that only one species can survive.

What About You?

You don’t have to make a pony if you don’t want to (though it IS wicked-good fun), but I’d love to hear about your characters. Who are your protagonists, antagonists? Who’s your good guy and bad guy – assuming that’s even clear? Talk to me in the comments.

I can’t wait to hear your story.


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  • Linda Grimes

    Oh, my gosh! How fun is that? I still have a whole box full of My Little Ponies down in the basement, from when my daughter was little. So much fun!

    Anyhoo, IN A FIX is set to be released Sept. 4–you can meet my protag, Ciel Halligan (Aura Adaptor Extraordinaire *grin*) and the whole gang then. :)

    • Oooh, you tease! And CONGRATULATIONS! September fourth! (Aura Adaptor Extraordinaire?? How intriguing!)

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