The Sun include any magical beings with a primary drive and ability to heal. They’re great at parties.

Note: this is a placeholder. There will be much more information in the future!

World name: Zenith.

People of the Sun live an average of three or four thousand years. As they grow older, they grow more powerful, but their bodies do not adapt to this change. Toward the ends of their lives, their physical forms can no longer take the strain of power coursing through them. Aged members of the sun essentially experience spontaenous combustion. It makes for some interesting retirement parties.

They have a unique lifespan and experience; they can heal and harm with equal abandon, and when their lives are done, the flame that fills their veins essentially consumes them all.

The Sun tend to have powers of heat, healing, and light. For obvious reasons, they chose the solar star as their primary symbol. Interestingly, quite a few also have the ability to steal (or mimic) powers from other Peoples, at least temporarily. This phenomena has not been studied up close, mostly because the people who own it tend to burn anyone who tries.


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