Kin, for the most part, refers to human wizards – that is, humans with something else in them allowing them to do magic.  However, the Kin are really any magical beings with mixed blood. This can be human and Seelie fey, Shadow’s BreathThe Shadow's Breath are among the People of the Darkness, an... and PhoenixBird-like beings who reproduce from the ashes of their paren..., WulverShape-shifting members of the Guardians, these peaceful crea... and RusalkaWater nymphs who feed on negative emotions. Some people thin... – absolutely anything. Beings fall into this category if they do not clearly favor one parentage.

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The most important thing about the Kin is they have nine powerful families. The Lin Family is the oldest and most powerful.

Kin specialize in use of iron in their magic, as well as potions and chemistry. Anything to enhance what’s naturally there.

The Kin are human-Mythos hybrids. This life-cycle is entirely unpredictable. They may inherit the long-lived nature of their MythosThe Mythos refers to six of the Seven Peoples of the Earth, ... parent, or their mortal bodies may be unable to take the strain and they die young. Generally, there are four times in the life of Kin which are considered likely for death: in the womb; puberty; mid-twenties; menopause. Hormonal change tends to trigger the non-human powers, and so these are considered the riskiest times. After that, however, it’s anyone’s guess. For the record, MerlinMyrddin. Katie Lin's uncle, and one of the most important me... is the longest-live Kin in history.

Note: the Kin have a unique position here. Their power and drive tends to be influenced by whatever Mythos is mixed into their blood.