A mysterious device which can, according to legend, return the EarthI don't really need to tell you about this place. You live t... to its pre-flood state, removing the Black WaterThe mysterious and deadly water that covered the world at th....  No one has been able to find it for centuries.

But HarryHarry Iskinder is the main character in the book, The Sunder... believes it’s real, and will risk his very life to track that thing down.

From this point on, SPOILER WARNING. If you have not read The Sundered, don’t read on from here. You’ll only ruin it for yourself.

The Hope of Humanity was a ship developed toward the end of the Earth’s life in a desperate attempt to save humanity from extinction.

Spearheaded by Jason IskinderHarry Iskinder's grandfather. Also not a nice guy., it existed at the behest of the Association, also known as the Tohu, which – trust me on this – is never good.

Jason didn’t care, though. He blamed the magical people for ruining his home planet.

The people he hand-picked to populate The Hope were evenly spread across genetic variations, but don’t think of him as progressive. His bias simply pointed in a different direction.

Through rigorous testing, he ensured that the only people aboard The Hope were pure human. No Kin. Absolutely no hint of anything that could lead to magic.

They took off and left the world to its fate. Unfortunately, the planet they found with a breathable atmosphere turned out to be occupied – by weird, mind-reading creatures.

Jason viewed this as ultimate betrayal (from fate, or gods, or some such thing). He’d gone across the galaxy to get away from magic, and yet here it was, on another world.

He used The Hope’s technology to take control of the situation once and for all. However, even he wasn’t able to predict every future scenario.

He certainly wasn’t able to predict his own descendant, Harry.

To learn more, read the book