The Guardians

Guardians are any magical beings with the primary drive to protect or guard. they can be a little crazy about it.

Just a tad.

Note: this is a placeholder. There will be much more information in the future!

World name: MeginnahAn unknown fifth parallel world, created for and by the Guar..., though you’ll almost never hear anyone say that. The parallel world they occupy officially does not exist.

Guardians are driven by protective instinct. When I say driven, I mean to the point of insanity. To this end, they will plant themselves in front of a thing to guard, or go flying into the worst possible situation to protect someone who needs it.

This drive manifests itself in various forms, and tends to be directly connected to their power. Kelpies, for example, get a bad rap for kidnapping and eating people, when what they actually do is rescue abused children – so their ability to gallop and fight while keeping someone on their horse-like backs is unparalleled.

It’s impossible to convince a Guardian to leave the thing or person being guarded. One can still find Sphinxes nearly as old as the desert itself guarding long-forgotten tombs, and unless a meteor lands right on their heads, they likely will be there until the end of the world.

Current Status: Endangered

Since the First WarThe first war the world ever knew was so great, so horrific,..., most of them were wiped out. Long lifespans often go with a low reproduction rate, and these creatures are no different. In fact, it’s believed that the Shaqalu are extinct.

But then, general belief has been wrong before.


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