Shape-shifting usually applies to animal-humanoid transformation, and comes in three flavors:

  1. Made shape-shifters. These are beings who are cursed or spelled with the ability to transform into something else.
  2. Born shape-shifters. These are broken into two categories:
    1. Removable skin. Selkies and SinaaShapeshifting people who resemble jaguars. Like selkies, the...  fall into this category.
    2. Non-removable skin. Wulvers and ZimwiA shapeshifting being from Kenya, the Zimwi are people of th... fall into this category.

There are various shape-shifting group among most of the Seven PeoplesThe Seven Peoples of the Earth are the seven identifying typ... , and their cultures tend to be built around their abilities and maintaining genetic purity so as not to lose their ability. For the record, that can happen. Shape-shifting Kin rarely retain the ability to transform past the second or third generation.

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