The wiki of the Mythos

Greetings! This wiki is updated semi-regularly. If there are any details you’d like to see here, just ask me, and I’ll gladly add those entries. I want you to know two things about this wiki:

  1. I have tried very hard to be inclusive and diverse. That means drawing from mythology and culture from all over the world, not just white Eurocentric history.
  2. I have also tried very hard to avoid cultural appropriation. I am culturally white myself (genetically Spanish and Jewish as well as Caucasian, but I wasn’t raised that way), so I am well aware I may not have done this right.

If anything I’ve created here is offensive to you and your understanding, please reach out and let me know. I am more than willing to Change That Thing (not to mention expanding my own limited perspective). Thank you!


The world of the People of the Sun. Incredibly bright and hot, it really seems to be closer to the sun. But that’s impossible, right?