The Mythos refers to six of the Seven Peoples of the Earth, i.e. the Sun and the Darkness, the Guardians and the Dream, and the Fey and the Kin.

Among the Mythos, who are you?” is the standard greeting, regardless of language. It’s a polite way of inquiring the other’s heritage, which then gives the one who asked some idea who or what they’re dealing with.

According to the Mythos themselves, the word means “magic-users.” Only those who are capable of controlling magic fall into it; anyone else is by default Ever-Dying, or human.

As a matter of interest, here’s how Merriam-Webster understands the word:

  1. myth / mythology
  2. a pattern of beliefs expressing often symbolically the characteristic or prevalent attitudes in a group or culture
  3. theme, plot <the starving artist mythos>

Examples of MYTHOS

  1. <according to one creation mythos, humans sprang from the forehead of a god>
  2. <the Superman mythos has long since become ingrained in popular American culture>

Origin of MYTHOS

First Known Use: 1753

Those among the Mythos find that last part very funny. 1753? Nope. Humans borrowed the word and immediately misapplied it. Fortunately, the original owners really don’t care.

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