Empress Mer’Qel is a warrior mermaid who single-handedly united the clans of warring mer-people in the Pacific. She earned that right by defeating all their leaders in one seventy-eight hour stretch of combat, at the end of which she then celebrated loudly at a banquet, knocked out six assassins sent by her sister to take her out, and proceeded to dance four more hours until she finally needed sleep.

She owns a unique collar made from metals mined from UmbraThe home of the Darkness. It doesn't have light in the sense..., ZenithThe world of the People of the Sun. Incredibly bright and ho..., and the Dream which allow her to change her shape, though she was not born a shape-changer. She also owns a luminescent white fur wrap that allows her to breathe air without weakening.

Her people are considered Unseelie Fey, as they’re one of the power sources for the Throne – but only because no one knows how to make that stop.