Kelpies have a bad rap, but it’s easy to understand why: the ones left behind tell the tales.

According to myth, kelpies are demons that take on the form of horses, which then lure unwary travelersTreasure hunters in the world of The Sundered who make their... onto their back, gallop with them into a body of water, and then eat them.

In reality, kelpies are heroes. They’re of the People of the GuardiansGuardians are any magical beings with the primary drive to p..., and have an instinct honed specifically to the abused. When they show up and offer salvation, their goal is to whisk the abuse victim away, taking them to a place of safety – often of their own creation.

Of course, the abusers left behind are the ones telling the tales of horror, but what else would one expect?

HesturĀ is a particularly important kelpie, making his appearance in Notte.

Want a modern tale of a runaway witch, a smug Fey prince, and an adorable baby dragon for free?



Indie author Ruthanne Reid writes about elves, aliens, vampires, and space-travel with equal abandon. She is the author of the series Among the Mythos, and believes good stories should be shared.

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