Jonathan is a vampire, created by RavenaNotte's oldest surviving child (not his first, however).... and chosen for his special skill: he’s a seer.

That is the truly remarkable part. To be a seer means one is not fully human, and only humans can become the Night ChildrenThere are two branches of Night Children, but both stem from... .

So then what is Jonathan? How can he even exist? Perhaps he should ask KaiHe's older by two and a half minutes. He'll tell you that if... or ElsaShe won't say what her original name was, but it sure as hec... .

Want a modern tale of a runaway witch, a smug Fey prince, and an adorable baby dragon for free?



Indie author Ruthanne Reid writes about elves, aliens, vampires, and space-travel with equal abandon. She is the author of the series Among the Mythos, and believes good stories should be shared.

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