Harry Iskinder is the main character in the book, The Sundered. He’s nineteen years old and not very tall, to his great lament. However, he’s in great shape.  His diet is Sundered-designed, lean protein and a perfect balance of nutrition. He’s been active since childhood, both in the Academy and out on the Black Water from the age of fourteen. His skin and hair are medium brown; his eyes are muddy hazel.

Harry is one big ball of daddy-issues and contradictions, desperately needing to do the right thing and prove himself worthy (whatever that means), while at the same time so afraid of being alone or screwing everything up that he lives in a constant state of anxiety.

He means well. Under it all, he has a good heart; getting to that heart under all the garbage, however, can take a while.


  • The Sundered
  • Wings

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