She won’t say what her original name was, but it sure as heck wasn’t Elsa.

She’s younger by two and a half minutes, but she’ll never tell.

She’s also quieter; smaller. In many ways, less patient. Elsa is one of twins, vampires – and a most unusual heritage. She and her brother, KaiHe's older by two and a half minutes. He'll tell you that if..., were once Kin.

Kin can’t be turned. This is kind of a thing. If anyone really believed the magical among the MythosThe Mythos refers to six of the Seven Peoples of the Earth, ... could become vampires, there’d be war.

Kai and Elsa are both kept secret for this reason. Their turning may be a one-off (a two-off?), but as long as it’s kept under wraps, all will be well, right?

Unfortunately, JonathanJonathan is a vampire, created by Ravena and chosen for his ... might just disprove that theory.