The Ekek is the male version of a bird-like member of the Dream from the Philippines that hunts at night. The primary difference between the genders is this: the Ekek stays in one piece. The female MananaggalThe female version of an Ekek., on the other hand, separates and hides the lower half of its body to keep it and any potential young safe from predators.

They’re ghostly, and have great power in the realm of dreams. In fact, the Ekek (and the female of the species, called Mananaggal) are among the few members of the Dream to stay on EarthI don't really need to tell you about this place. You live t... after the First War.

In dreams, it slashes and mutilates its victims, ending by feasting on their hearts. Victims wake up shaken, usually unable to recall the dream. Sometimes they recover. Most of the time, they don’t, and live the rest of their lives suffering grave anxiety that cannot be repaired.

The Ekek’s primary weapons are blade-like wings and deadly-sharp beak.