A celebration of sorts among Fey, though it’s honestly just a chance to show off. Fey from around the world are invited to either the Seelie or Unseelie palace to demonstrate what they can do.

It usually means music battles. It also provides a chance for the suppressed Fey of the world – that is, those who have no connection to the British Isles – to show they mean business.

Fey magic is stolen from them at birth, so for anyone to show up with a bank of spells means they had to beg, borrow, and steal magic from other sources. It’s as much a test of cleverness and desperation as it is skill and power.

Rumor says that when the day comes some Fey from Iran or Ethiopia finally manages to out-magic the local competition, they might finally be freed from the yokes of Throne and Scepter.

Rumor also says that one of these days, the Duel Ball is going to be a war for independence, not a party.

Time will tell.

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