One of the cities in the world of The Sundered, Danton wasn’t doing so well by the time HarryHarry Iskinder is the main character in the book, The Sunder... came to visit it.

Far away from the economic boom-towns of the Southern cities, Danton’s limited technology was ill-repaired, and their Sundered OnesPowerful but broken creatures, enslaved to keep mankind aliv... were weak and few. As a result, the city was slowly dying. Hygiene – necessary for humans – was fairly low-priority by that point, and crime was on the rise. Gangs weren’t uncommon (as Harry found out when he ran into Bakura’s small and malleable owner). Their local Academy and SoothsayersSoothsayers are an odd religious sect in the world of The Su... were both run-down and on the edge of desperate.

Danton was one of the cities willing to develop Testy"Testy" is the Sundered name for a human attempt to weaponiz..., which was the human’s attempt to weaponize MotherwaterA character mentioned in Love Makes Whole, a collection of .... Needless to say, it never quite worked as planned.