Bone Collectors

Bone collectors are a species of wild animal that populates the worlds of The DarknessThe Darkness include any magical beings with a primary drive..., primarily UmbraThe home of the Darkness. It doesn't have light in the sense.... No one knows much about them since they exist in complete darkness; however, they’re predators, very fast, and only interested in extracting and eating bone. That pesky flesh just gets in the way!

They’re considered scavengers among members of The Darkness, who are powerful enough to usually ignore them (and many of whom also lack bones, so). Of course, anyone without those powers – such as folks who need light to see – are in big, big trouble.

They take bones. They eat bones. They keep bones. There are rumors of immense, intricate palaces of bones, hidden deep underground where no light will ever reach… but that’s just rumor, right?


  • The Christmas Dragon
  • Half-Shell Prophecies

Want a modern tale of a runaway witch, a smug Fey prince, and an adorable baby dragon for free?



Indie author Ruthanne Reid writes about elves, aliens, vampires, and space-travel with equal abandon. She is the author of the series Among the Mythos, and believes good stories should be shared.

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