Step into a 15,000-year history through the eyes of its least-expected storytellers….

AMONG THE MYTHOS is a science-fantasy series covering thousands of years through the eyes of history’s outliers, all the way to the end of the Earth—and what comes after.

Runaway Fey princes, alien Earths and parallel worlds, ancient warriors and know-it-all brats grace these pages with attitudes and truly epic screw-up adventures. There’s also science that grants magic to humans… but for a heavy price.

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Welcome to the world of the Mythos.

Reading Order


Note: these books are all standalone. You can jump in at any point, but if you really want to try this chronologically, this order should do. 🙂

0.0: The Christmas Dragon (novelette – get it free)
Running away doesn’t work out thanks to a baby dragon and an annoyingly selfish Fey prince.

0.5: Strings (novelette)
Grey never wanted to be a hero. He has better things to do than save the world from the threat of nightmare-monsters from his childhood, really…

1.0: Half-Shell Prophecies (novel)
Frightened monsters. Stolen time. And one SERIOUSLY underestimated damsel.

2.0: The Sundered (novel)
He must decide who lives or dies: humanity, or humanity’s broken slaves.

3.0: Notte (WIP) (coming late 2018)
He was designed to be infectious and designed to be violent, but his creators forgot one thing: they forgot to remove his soul.

Favorite Short Stories

These are some of my favorites, and pretty much spoiler-free.

The Twins
A deliciously creepy side story with vampires, a dying Earth, and a secret organization. Dark, mildly disturbing, and – if you’ve read The Sundered – you might recognize a name. (No spoilers. A side-story from Notte.)

Good Dog
A lost boy. A faithful dog. A bittersweet tale with an ending that might make you cry. (No spoilers.)

The Big Palooka
Flappers. Vampires. A thug who stole a necklace and a speak-easy with Jazz to die for. A short, cute story set in New York City in the 1920s. (No spoilers. A side-story from Notte.)

It is as if each generation bled, leaked ink or paint or power. Or perhaps it is something else that has left them. (No spoilers. A short story about Grey, the Fey prince.)

A word of advice: if you see him, don’t run. A dark and disturbing short story. (No spoilers. A side story from Notte.)

Want more? Short Stories

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