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Two: All these stories are interconnected, though it isn’t obvious at the outset. For the sake of clarity, I’ve provided organization by storyline, and I’ve also set apart my favorites. I suggest starting with The Twins.

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Favorite Short Stories

These are some of my favorites, and pretty much spoiler-free.

The Twins
A deliciously creepy side story with vampires, a dying Earth, and a secret organization. Dark, mildly disturbing, and – if you’ve read The Sundered – you might recognize a name. (No spoilers. A side-story from Notte.)

It is as if each generation bled, leaked ink or paint or power. Or perhaps it is something else that has left them. (No spoilers. A short story about Grey, the Fey prince.)

A word of advice: if you see him, don’t run. A dark and disturbing short story. (No spoilers. A side story from Notte.)

Book-Specific Stories

Want to go deeper into the world of the Mythos? Here you go. Enjoy.

Fair warning: there may be spoilers. I’ve mentioned them whenever I could.

The Christmas Dragon

Shadow Seed 
A certain Crow King ruminates to his newest lover about his future plans.
Ten Tips For Raising Your Baby Dragon
(THIS IS NOT A CANON STORY, BUT IT’S FUN.) Katie (and Suvi) lend their advice for the best way to handle a unique situation (including an amorous Crow King). Mild spoilers.


A young Grey suffers through homework and the presence of peons (in his humble opinion). NOTE: this one includes pictures from his homework.
(short story) It is as if each generation bled, leaked ink or paint or power. Or perhaps it is something else that has left them. No spoilers.
Theron the Thief and the (Nearly) Stolen Crown 
(short story) A Fey thief, down on his luck and with a heavy debt to pay. A sentient throne guarding the Unseelie treasure. What could go wrong?

Half-Shell Prophecies

Curious about Jonathan? Wondering about The Hush? Click here for a chance to read those tales.

Notte (WIP)

(short story) Just a word of advice: if you see him, don’t run.
(short story) AI do not blame you for your fear. Humans are my prey – but my friend, I do not hunt small children. (No spoilers.)
(short story) Ancient vampire Notte has tea with a friend right in the middle of some… family business. Awkward!
The Twins
(short story)
Where the twins came from, nobody knew. They moved like lizards and cuddled like wolves. Also, they both drank blood.
A Hotel room, a Knife, and a Bottle of Chardonnay 
Trapped. Hungry. So very hungry. Joshua Run has been made into a monster, and he’s losing control…
Ravena, Age 8
(short story) A preview of Notte through the eyes of a child who will one day be very, very important.

General Stories

No Home 
A member of the Dream outlives his host. Warning: it’s sad.
(short story) Crossover fiction: Eugene discovers he is Kin (not that he knows what that means), and then runs into monster-buster Lucy December from an entirely different universe. Hell of a day.
They Come
I thought we’d have longer. I thought I’d grow up. They only come when the oldest natural dies. Then they come, and they take our hearts. I don’t want to die. (No spoilers.)

The Sundered

You may have wondered why this book’s short stories came last. That’s because all of them reveal things pertinent to AFTER the end of the book, and thus, are severely spoiler-filled.

I’d say sorry, but I’m not. 🙂

SPOILERS No Mercy 3rd place winner in the Wordhaus/Becoming Writer contest for scifi! A slightly different perspective on the events of The Sundered from Aakesh’s point of view.
 I Know You (flash fiction)
A creepy tidbit from Aakesh’s point of view.
What is freedom really worth? Maybe not this much.
SPOILERS And Night Fell 
Demos and Tomas’s sidestory.
SPOILERS Love Makes Whole 
A series of short stories from the perspective of the Sundered Ones.
(humorous flash fiction) Complete silliness. A gift for fan artist Sixelona. VERY mild spoilers.
MILD SPOILERS Harry’s Secret Place 
Harry Iskinder comes from a not-so-good family. When he was five, he ran away from home. This is what happened after.

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