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The lovely and brilliant Dawn Metcalf (who wrote truly unique and beautiful book, if you haven’t read it yet) has tagged me for The Next Big Thing, wherein I explain the project I’m working on.

I’m severely late in answering her, because of reasons. 😉 However, it’s still my pleasure to explain.

Notte – a Work In Progress

Notte is the story of a man who became the world’s first biological weapon, through no choice of his own, and took thousands of years to find his way back to being human.

Notte’s particular genetic grouping of hominid no longer exists, so he doesn’t exactly look like anyone. He seems to be about nineteen or twenty, and his most important feature is his eyes: large, green, deeply expressive. Even when he’s about to kill someone, he looks more likely to burst into sonnet instead – which is why They picked him, to be honest. A weapon who doesn’t look like a weapon has a far better chance of success.

He has dark, honey-tint brown hair, and it grows in huge curls – not waves, and not tiny curs, but big ones. Awesome artist Celine Chapus has done a couple of preliminary sketches:

chibi Notte, drawn by Celine Chapus
Notte, drawn by Celine Chapus

Yes, he’s wearing a blue suit. He tends to like soft fabrics like velvet (don’t tease him), and make a very Big Deal about being in control at all times – being a gentleman.

Given that if that control slips, he could destroy the world, I think this is a reasonable boundary to set for himself.

This is a huge and fantastic book to write. Expect lots of crypto-archeology and myths included. It might even have to be broken up into parts – I already have more than 50,000 words (thanks, Nanowrimo), and it’s only about 1/3 done.

Ah, we writers just never run out of words….

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