Hi, all! I’ve decided to experiment outside of Amazon for a while. What does this mean for you?

  1. Since I’m leaving Amazon’s exclusivity program, I’ll be able to offer my books for Nook, iTunes, and other stores (hurray)!
  2. This means I will lose the ability to offer books for free on Amazon, but that’s a pretty good trade-off.
  3. I have a few remaining “free” days left before my exclusivity contract runs out, so I figured… why not give them all to you?
  4. Tomorrow is my 11th wedding anniversary, which is a pretty big deal. Many of you may remember that my husband was deathly ill for nearly three years before they figured out what was wrong, so every anniversary I have with him is incredibly precious. To me, giving things away to celebrate that gift of life with him just makes sense.
  • The Christmas Dragon: Free from June 29 to July 2
  • Strings: Free from June 29 to July 2
  • The Sundered: Free from June 29 to July 2
  • Seed (2 short stories): Free from June 29 to July 3 (I’m not sure why that one has an extra day, but it does)

Half-Shell Prophecies will be in the program a little longer, since I added it later than the other books. When it’s time for its contract to run out, I’ll offer it to y’all, too.

Spread the word and enjoy!

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