JONATHAN He’s both a seer and and vampire, which is impossible – but for this child of 18th-century Japan, normal never applied.

NO REPARATIONS ARE EXPECTED AT THIS TIME The Hush are the law enforcement of the magical world. They don’t always get it right, and on an ordinary day, that’s just too bad for their victim. Today isn’t an ordinary day. Not even the Hush dare to risk the wrath of Nox Eterna, the Blood King, called Notte.

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SEED 1: RAVENA For Notte, family always comes first. Everyone knows it, and the end of the world only makes it more true… even if it can be used against him.

SEED 2: TERRANCE He’d always been too much for most people. A trickster, an ingénu, a cleric, a thief. Now, he’s a Night Child – one of Notte’s favorite vampiric offspring – and at last, he’s been asked to do something that might be too much for him.

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NERO IS MAD, OF COURSE A mad Roman emperor. An ancient, depressed vampire. A bizarre evening to remind the Blood King why life is worth living.

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THE BIG PALOOKA Flappers. Vampires. A thug who stole a necklace and a speak-easy with Jazz to die for. A short, cute story set in New York City in the 1920s

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CLUB HEDGIE Starring a hedgehog who think he’s a fairy. In honor of National Tell a Fairy Tale Day, this story is complete cotton candy: silly, cute, and cavity-inducing. (No spoilers.) THE DOCTOR WILL SEE YOU NOW A sleep-deprived elf prince. An open-minded doctor. Weird physical therapy. This tale contains a TERRIBLE PUN. You have been warned. (No spoilers. Grey visits the head-doctor. Things do not go well.)


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THE KINDLY LIGHT OF THE SETTING SUN Sometimes a single afternoon is enough to make up for a lifetime of bad decisions; at least, it comes close. This spoiler-free short story follows the last day of Tsehay, one of the People of the Sun.


DANTE’S INFERNO A different take on the Princess and the Frog. I apologize for the pun in the title. (Pfft, who am I kidding? I apologize for nothing.)

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