Don’t Stop Writing

Hey, you. Don’t stop writing.

I know it isn’t what you want it to be. I know it may even look like crap to you.

Still, don’t stop writing.

I know you may be afraid of telling your story. You have fear – genuine, real fear – of what may come when you tell the true cry of your hidden heart.

Fight the fear. Stop comparing yourself to others. Forgive your early mistakes.

Don’t stop writing.

Is it harder than you thought? Yes.

Will it take longer than you planned? Very likely.

Is it worth all the effort, tears, sweat, and nights of holy cow, this sucks?

Yes. Don’t stop writing.

Listen: what you do right now matters. It matters to you personally because it shapes your soul and gives you strength. It matters to those around you because they are affected by you – your changes, your words, your choices – and it will matter to the world because that’s how ripples work: the effect goes on.

Especially in these hard times, what you write matters. Work at it. Hone it. Get better. Get braver.

Your writing matters because you do.

Don’t stop writing.

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Indie author Ruthanne Reid writes about elves, aliens, vampires, and space-travel with equal abandon. She is the author of the series Among the Mythos, and believes good stories should be shared.

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Want a modern tale of a runaway witch, a smug Fey prince, and an adorable baby dragon for free?

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  • Ashley Hampton February 21, 2017, 5:57 pm

    Thanks for the encouragement Ruthanne Reid!! Your words always seem to find a way to my heart and your work encourages me everyday! I will definitely keep writing even though I sometimes feel like I’m getting nowhere with it. Thanks for the message and the time you spend on encouraging your fans!!

    • Ruthanne February 21, 2017, 8:13 pm

      It’s totally my pleasure, Ashley! I’m so glad it’s encouraging to you, and I really hope you DO keep writing. It’s worth the struggle!