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Wild Hunt

A contingent of rebellious young “gods” who were disenfranchised after the general cultural fall of the Norse Mythos empire. Somewhere along the line, they became less about “go out and have fun” and more about “kill what you find, especially if it’s a challenge.” They’re deeply feared, and fortunately, usually run in worlds other than Earth. […]


Wraiths are a weird phenomenon, rare enough that the majority of the Mythos has no idea they exist. For the record, they are not ghosts. Ghosts are echoes of people who’ve died. Wraiths, on the other hand, are pieces of beings who have died and who can never be whole, for most of their essential […]


Death’s little sister, she is one of the ancient race of beings known as gods. She plays the psychopomp, embodying multiple faces of death throughout various cultures, even though she herself actually has nothing to do with death apart from being related to it. Some of her known forms are: Creepy little girl (thanks, Hollywood) […]


Little is known about this being who claimed to be a god. He was somehow involved with time, and when he died – that is, was killed by his daughter – his blood evaporated into the air and formed the invisible threads that created the tapestry of time. So goes legend, anyway. For some insane […]


A curse-eater, originally a troll, who for some insane reason likes to look like a Hollywood-movie mafioso.