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A Sundered One who resembles a lizard-man and has a major hate-on for Harry Iskinder. A Sundered One, considered “second born,” which means Motherwater spat him out during Aakesh’s first (and happily one of his last) temper-tantrums. The Second-born Sundered love violence, but – if this makes sense – not necessarily in a violent way. […]

Black Water

The mysterious and deadly water that covered the world at the same time the Sundered Ones appeared, four hundred years before Harry Iskinder came onto the scene. It covers the whole planet apart from small islands, tufts, and landfall. It kills in a frightening way: if a human r animal touches it, they are immediately […]


Allow me to introduce you to Gorish the fish. He will be documenting our journey by posing cutely all over the USA. — Ruthanne Reid (@RuthanneReid) August 2, 2014 Gorishfish: What’s a Arco? Me: Where we buy dead dinos. Gorishfish: ;_; Me: We didn’t kill them. Gorishfish: Whew! — Ruthanne Reid (@RuthanneReid) August […]


A character mentioned in Love Makes Whole, a collection of short stories set after the novel, The Sundered. Motherwater is the mother of the Sundered Ones. Whether she is one herself is a matter of debate. She is sentient, without question, but her pattern of thought and emotions are so far removed from anything human that […]


Quimby is a Sundered One, one of the last “born” to the black water. She doesn’t fall in a tier. Like Gorish, her abilities range outside the narrow boxes the humans placed them into. You can see things from her point of view here.