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Ios’ father, and one of the ancient lords of the People of the Sun.  Long before Notte’s time, he was considered the father of many who claimed later to be sun-gods and goddesses, and there are rumors that his prideful rejection of peace from a member of the Darkness is what sparked the First War.


A prince of the People of the Sun. Amun is the great grandson of Ios, Notte’s oldest friend, Ios. He ruled the magic-users in ancient Egypt for a long time – until he got bored, and moved on. He shows up in Nero is Mad, of Course, finally grown up and almost mature. Like Ios, […]


A species of creature with a rare talent: they fit into all Seven Peoples. Fairies live in any inhabited world, and usually – though not always – tend to look like tiny humans with wings. Their styles usually follow edgy human trends just because that’s fun to do, and inventing their own would take work. […]


Slivers are the result of a failed attempt to kill a member of the Sun. When they have been damaged to the point of physical dismemberment, each piece takes on a demented consciousness. They remember the feeling of being a whole person, and crave it, but can’t remember how to achieve that again. To chase […]