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A species of creature with a rare talent: they fit into all Seven Peoples. Fairies live in any inhabited world, and usually – though not always – tend to look like tiny humans with wings. Their styles usually follow edgy human trends just because that’s fun to do, and inventing their own would take work. […]


An interesting and blue-furred hybrid of troll and human from long, long ago. Most of them are female; the very rare males get fairly cushy lives, if you consider “repopulation” to be an easy job. Which most of them do. Go figure. Gorgades have excellent business acumen and tend to be quietly (though efficiently) rich. However, […]

Katie Lin

Born Katherine Aelwen Lin. For the record, she rarely allows “Kate.” Merlin’s niece, she currently lives somewhere in America, having fled her home in Wales. She’s actually a lot more powerful than she thinks she is, but she can’t afford to acknowledge it. It’s a terrible but true fact that the Kin – having been […]


Myrddin. Katie Lin’s uncle, and one of the most important members of the People of the Kin. Being Kin is always a crapshoot; there’s really no way to predict what any particular combination will create, and Merlin is no exception. His particular ancestry is unknown. He’s Asian – possibly ancient Chinese – and thousands of […]


Half rusalka, half the breath, officially Kin. Her actual name is Clementine, but use it at your peril. She currently lives in Manhattan, and is one of the best healers out there – which is why she counts herself among the People of the Sun. They don’t see her as one of them, but Rosa […]