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Faelen was Fey, and Mab’s one-time partner in the creation of the Salted Road. He was the first to craft the Scepter, and the first leader of what became the Seelie Fey.


A species of creature with a rare talent: they fit into all Seven Peoples. Fairies live in any inhabited world, and usually – though not always – tend to look like tiny humans with wings. Their styles usually follow edgy human trends just because that’s fun to do, and inventing their own would take work. […]


John Baron Grey: runaway Unseelie prince and heir to The Throne, which he really doesn’t want. The Throne and the Scepter rule the lives of the Seelie and Unseelie Fey, respectively. While both are somewhat sentient, only the Throne is truly awake and aware of its surroundings. Really, I should say her surroundings. After all, […]


The current ruler of the Seelie Fey and wielder of the Scepter – which places him in control of far more than only the Seelie Fey. Technically, he’s the regent of his kind, acting on behalf of the Scepter… or whoever is inside it. His official title is wielder of the Scepter, scion of the Orkney […]


She who dragged the Fey to survival through the First War, and left them powerless and bound after. Her body is long gone, but her soul remains. She is now The Throne.