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The youngest of Harry Iskinder’s travelers. Harry liked him a lot.

George Iskinder

Jason Iskinder’s father, George was a member of the Association who got an up-close-and-personal taste of Notte thanks to two of the Night Children, Elsa and Kai. You can read his point of view here: The Twins.


Apple is a human, one of the Ever-Dying. Influential in Notte’s life, she was one of Horse’s rescues, and she helped teach Notte during his time in the city of Az’Kabek. Also, incidentally, Apple is based off a wonderful reader: AppleBison. Also incidentally, her natural pigmentation tends toward pink. Don’t blame me. The character demanded […]


A species of creature with a rare talent: they fit into all Seven Peoples. Fairies live in any inhabited world, and usually – though not always – tend to look like tiny humans with wings. Their styles usually follow edgy human trends just because that’s fun to do, and inventing their own would take work. […]

Jason Iskinder

Harry Iskinder’s ancestor, whom SOME consider a hero. Worth reading about here.