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Nachtkrapp, or Night Raven, is a nocturnal member of the Dream. They have the power to soothe bad dreams of children, but by the same oneirological power has influence over their subconscious.


The Ekek is the male version of a bird-like member of the Dream from the Philippines that hunts at night. The primary difference between the genders is this: the Ekek stays in one piece. The female Mananaggal, on the other hand, separates and hides the lower half of its body to keep it and any potential […]


Deeply unpleasant. A predator from the People of the Dream. These creatures prey on the Dreams that come to sleeping humans. If you’ve ever woken feeling like you didn’t sleep worth beans, it was likely because a dream-leech kept any hungry Dreams from reaching you. When the Dream “feed” off humans, humans themselves enter REM […]


A member of The Dream, these beautiful creatures resemble trees. They have control over plant-life, and – like all members of the Dream – feed off human dreams in sleep. (Don’t worry. That part benefits us.) Closely related to both Naiads and Sylphs. What makes them stand out is they’re slightly more awake and aware […]


A species of creature with a rare talent: they fit into all Seven Peoples. Fairies live in any inhabited world, and usually – though not always – tend to look like tiny humans with wings. Their styles usually follow edgy human trends just because that’s fun to do, and inventing their own would take work. […]