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Kalaratri is one of the beings from Notte’s past. A queen among her people, sometimes worshipped as a goddess, she is of the people of the Darkness, and an avid collector. She drinks blood from her fingertips, and is fondest of blood freshly spilled. There are rumors her species may have been one of the […]

Xu Kai

Xu Kai is the current leader of The Sun by election, and by birth of the green dragons (largely based in the Eastern hemisphere). He’s old and wise (as one might expect), and fairly brave. Most of the green and yellow dragons hid underground centuries ago, but not Xu Kai. He has a few more […]

Bone Collectors

Bone collectors are a species of wild animal that populates the worlds of The Darkness, primarily Umbra. No one knows much about them since they exist in complete darkness; however, they’re predators, very fast, and only interested in extracting and eating bone. That pesky flesh just gets in the way! They’re considered scavengers among members […]

Crow King

See Bran.


Prince of Umbra, Shadow’s Breath, Bran the Crow King likes to pretend to be a Hollywood-handsome-rogue-pirate. His official titles are Lord of Crows, Echelon of Darkness, and Heir to the Darkseed. Bran (also known as The Crow King) is a member of the Darkness. Actually, he’s kind of a prince of darkness, if you’ll pardon the […]