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A skill largely unique to the Darkness, and indeed, one of the defining factors of that People; however, it is not unique to them. On occasion, others have it, too, and it is a vision of terror. To Devour is to utterly consume. There is nothing left. There is no waste. Sometimes, there is not […]


Claiming is the act of taking telepathic control of a Sundered One. The Non-Spoiler Version Claiming requires training and willpower on the part of the human, and is one of the key purposes of the Academy. Claiming is only possible because Sundered Ones are what the humans call “broken;” something is very wrong with these […]


A “reversal” is the term applied to an unusual but always fatal failure to claim a Sundered One. Note: “reversal” only applies to the initial claiming attempt. Sundered Ones have been known to “slip their leash” later on, but in that case, the human usually survives. When a human claims a Sundered One, the first few […]

Slip the Leash

The term for a Sundered One escaping claiming beyond the initial moment of the claim. Whereas a failed claim results in reversal, slipping the leash comes after a successful claim. In this case, death usually results from the Sundered One turning on the human who enslaved them.


A derogatory term for the People of the Sun.