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The modern, PR-friendly name for The Tohu – not that those folks have any idea their organization had its beginning in anything other than the human mind.


The Tohu is ancient. Frustratingly, it’s also deeply mysterious. Whether it’s an individual, a negative “force,” the devil, or just a really persistent group of monsters is completely unknown. The Tohu has certainly manifested as all these things, and no matter what anyone does, it continually resurfaces. It existed before Notte arrived on the scene, […]


Soothsayers are an odd religious sect in the world of The Sundered. Entirely female, this particular branch of believers decided a few generations past that the Sundered Ones should be worshiped like enslaved gods, rather than simply enslaved. Obviously, it’s a little more complicated than that. The real truth is it began as a front […]

Wild Hunt

A contingent of rebellious young “gods” who were disenfranchised after the general cultural fall of the Norse Mythos empire. Somewhere along the line, they became less about “go out and have fun” and more about “kill what you find, especially if it’s a challenge.” They’re deeply feared, and fortunately, usually run in worlds other than Earth. […]


Treasure hunters in the world of The Sundered who make their living scavenging goods from the world ruined by the black water. A specific social group on the planet Motherwater. These individuals came together a generation or two after the initial landing and enslavement of the Sundered Ones, and had one purpose at the time: […]