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In the series Among the Mythos, a conflux is a place of meeting for those with magic in their blood. The terms is often used for magical travel stations, where one may legally cross country and world borders with spells. However, in the oldest and most technical sense, it still stands for a place of […]


A flame that burns with heat, but no light. There are several ways to start darkfire, including friction in specific woods grown in the land of Umbra, but the easiest way is generally with a drop of blood from someone either of the Darkness or of the Kin with Darkness in their blood. The chemical qualities […]


She who dragged the Fey to survival through the First War, and left them powerless and bound after. Her body is long gone, but her soul remains. She is now The Throne.


The invisible threads which bind a soul to a body. When all the moorings break, one dies; if moorings are reattached to some other object or person, possession occurs.