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Among the Mythos

Step into a 15,000-year history through the eyes of its least-expected storytellers…. AMONG THE MYTHOS is a science-fantasy series covering thousands of years through the eyes of history’s outliers, all the way to the end of the Earth—and what comes after. Runaway Fey princes, alien Earths and parallel worlds, ancient warriors and know-it-all brats grace these pages […]

Speculative Fiction

Speculative fiction is a broad genre of fiction with any supernatural, fantastical, or futuristic elements. Coined by Robert Heinlen, it’s considered an off-shoot of science-fiction, often applied to avoid the limitations of traditional “realistic” sci-fi. In more contemporary times, it’s applied to stories that straddle the line between science-fiction and fantasy. As a side-note of […]


Science-fantasy is a sub-genre of speculative fiction that combines elements from both science-fiction and fantasy. The end result is an often messy but usually beautiful tale, broader than either category on its own. Here’s the Wikipedia entry. Have fun. Of course, the lack of boundaries is often problematic. Magic must have rules, and science fiction […]

Seven Peoples

The Seven Peoples of the Earth are the seven identifying types applied to every sentient creature in the world. This page is a summary; there will be detailed wiki pages in time. Breakdown Just about everything from the world’s mythologies and religions exist in some form or another, and usually place themselves (or are placed) […]


I don’t really need to tell you about this place. You live there. If you want pre-history according to the Ever-Dying, you can check Wikipedia. Unfortunately, that won’t tell you the real story. Much of what was has been hidden for the sake of keeping the words apart, but I am slowly building a timeline […]