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The xiezhi is one of the few among the Guardians who did not go mad in the course of the First War and remained in the human world. They’re rare – they always have been – and seeing one tends to be a significant experience because of their reaction to injustice. If they see what they […]


Kalaratri is one of the beings from Notte’s past. A queen among her people, sometimes worshipped as a goddess, she is of the people of the Darkness, and an avid collector. She drinks blood from her fingertips, and is fondest of blood freshly spilled. There are rumors her species may have been one of the […]


Ios’ father, and one of the ancient lords of the People of the Sun.  Long before Notte’s time, he was considered the father of many who claimed later to be sun-gods and goddesses, and there are rumors that his prideful rejection of peace from a member of the Darkness is what sparked the First War.


Faelen was Fey, and Mab’s one-time partner in the creation of the Salted Road. He was the first to craft the Scepter, and the first leader of what became the Seelie Fey.


A prince of the People of the Sun. Amun is the great grandson of Ios, Notte’s oldest friend, Ios. He ruled the magic-users in ancient Egypt for a long time – until he got bored, and moved on. He shows up in Nero is Mad, of Course, finally grown up and almost mature. Like Ios, […]