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Bardsey Island

Bardsey Island: Merlin’s home, location of his glass tower, and numerous shennanigans. Belongs, technically, to Wales. Note to self: the Ever-Dying view this as a tourist destination. The island’s official link is fascinating enough, but it seems to have gathered much attention in recent years.

Bone Collectors

Bone collectors are a species of wild animal that populates the worlds of The Darkness, primarily Umbra. No one knows much about them since they exist in complete darkness; however, they’re predators, very fast, and only interested in extracting and eating bone. That pesky flesh just gets in the way! They’re considered scavengers among members […]

Crow King

See Bran.


Prince of Umbra, Shadow’s Breath, Bran the Crow King likes to pretend to be a Hollywood-handsome-rogue-pirate. His official titles are Lord of Crows, Echelon of Darkness, and Heir to the Darkseed. Bran (also known as The Crow King) is a member of the Darkness. Actually, he’s kind of a prince of darkness, if you’ll pardon the […]


In the series Among the Mythos, a conflux is a place of meeting for those with magic in their blood. The terms is often used for magical travel stations, where one may legally cross country and world borders with spells. However, in the oldest and most technical sense, it still stands for a place of […]