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John Baron Grey: runaway Unseelie prince and heir to The Throne, which he really doesn’t want. The Throne and the Scepter rule the lives of the Seelie and Unseelie Fey, respectively. While both are somewhat sentient, only the Throne is truly awake and aware of its surroundings. Really, I should say her surroundings. After all, […]


Name meaning: Night (Italian – he picked that one) Other names: Naktam (sanskrit); Night-child; Nox Eterna; the Blood King. He’s probably the oldest living creature among the Mythos. The father of all vampires (or Night Children, as they’re called), he’s a mystery; no one knows where the heck he came from, or who made him. […]


Half rusalka, half the breath, officially Kin. Her actual name is Clementine, but use it at your peril. She currently lives in Manhattan, and is one of the best healers out there – which is why she counts herself among the People of the Sun. They don’t see her as one of them, but Rosa […]


Water nymphs who feed on negative emotions. Some people think of them as Mermaids. They look a little more like the Creature from the Black Lagoon, but who are we to argue?