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Why You Need to Write What Scares You

What would you write if you knew you couldn't fail? I promise I'm not setting you up for failure. There is a very good reason I'm asking this question.

Let’s Talk About Fear, Part Two

Practice your tools to fight fear now, while the sun still shines, or you'll be fumbling to find them in the dark.

Let’s Talk About Fear

According to last week‘s responses, failure is the number one fear that writers face. Maybe we should start by defining it.

How Did They Justify THAT?

Why does this matter? Because if you're not writing your villains with the awareness that in their head, they're not the villain, you may be writing a flat, 2D character.

It’s Time to Name Your Fear

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” – Stephen King

Awesome Writing Quotes (For those days when you need a boost)

A ton of writer’s quotes to help you get through it all. Nothing fancy. Just encouragement. Enjoy!

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