The Sundered

178 Reviews, 4.3 Stars on Amazon

186 Reviews, 4.3 Stars on Amazon


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Nineteen-year-old Harry knows the rules. Don’t touch the water, or it will pull you under. Conserve food, because the whole planet is flooded. Use Sundered slaves gently, or they die.

The Sundered create food. The Sundered create shelter. They’re also dying out.

With extinction on the horizon and a world lost to deadly flood, Harry searches for a cure: the Hope of Humanity, a mysterious artifact that gave humans control over the Sundered centuries ago.

But the Hope isn’t what he thinks, and soon he’s faced with an impossible decision.

In Harry’s broken, flooded world, Hope comes with a price.

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What Others are Saying

Leah Petersen on Goodreads wrote:

There are movies you watch, works of art you see, poems and books you read that you walk away from going “whoa.” This was one of them for me. Complete gut-punch-powerful ending that reminded me of the experience of walking away from the big reveal in Ender’s Game.

Ash2356 on Amazon wrote:

The world is very well developed and a mix of Post apocalyptic, Tolkien, and anime. This book is the first in the Among the Mythos series, which is to take place over 15000 years. An ambitious undertaking for an author but after reading this book, I believe Ruthanne Reid is as capable as anyone.


BookMom on Goodreads wrote:

I can’t remember the last time when a book grabbed me from the very start and wouldn’t let go. […] I will say this: It was good. Amazingly, incredibly, surprisingly good. And if this is a sample of Ruthanne Reid’s talent, then I hope she continues on releasing books. I’ll be first in line to pick them up, no matter what the blurb or genre. She’s gained herself a fan.


CastleLyons on Amazon wrote:

Not very many novels grab me like this one did, nor keep me intrigued throughout, always wanting to pick it up again and find out what’s going to happen next. […]  The author did a great job of showing both [Harry’s] maturity at trying to be a leader and his insecurity at being so young–a well rounded character! Thank you, RuthAnne, for providing me with some real enjoyment. Oh, and I loved the ending.

If I could, I’d give this a ten … but since the top of our scale is five, that’s what I’ll assign it. With bells on.

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