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34 Reviews, 4.6 Stars on Amazon

The Christmas Dragon by Ruthanne Reid

The box jumped. 

Boxes are not supposed to jump. It’s a law somewhere, I think. Maybe Guyana. Apparently not in New Hampshire, because the box kept jumping.

All Katie Lin wants is to get away from her family: from the magic, from the mayhem, and from the never-ending war.

Unfortunately, someone has other ideas, and sends her a box. A box that jumps.

The tiny fire hazard inside may just force her back to Wales – and right into the path of a dragon war, the Crow King, and at least one reluctant elf prince.

Sometimes, running away just doesn’t work as planned.

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What Reviewers are Saying

5.0 Stars: “The Best Fantasy Novel of the Year” (from Mabvuto Zulu):

” A blend of psychological depth and believability of a protagonist and characters that keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Ruthanne did an excellent job of creating a set of fully developed and enjoyable characters.”

5.0 Stars: “The ‘Chosen One’ with a contemporary twist” (from Stephanie)

Love fantasy but think you’ve seen it all? Think again. The ‘Half-Shell Prophecies’ takes your expectations and shakes them up – in a good way. […] Modern no-nonsense woman + fantastical beings and worlds = sharp contemporary adventure novel.

5.0 Stars: “Tightly woven story – smart, funny, and approachable” (from Deborah Bailey)

Now and then a story comes along and I sigh, start to read, and discover it’s three days later and I haven’t put the book down. Herbert and Scalzi did it to me with Dune and Old Man’s War. Now, Ruthanne Reid has done it to me with Half-Shell Prophecies.

5.0 Stars: “My Favorite New Mythos” (from Teddi Deppner)

In an endless sea of ebooks out there, I’ve found an author whose style I find delightful, whose words I gobble up, and who promises to provide entertainment for some time to come. Top notch in every way I measure a book. Thank you, Ruthanne. Write on!

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