Ruthanne Reid

Ruthanne Reid


Ruthanne is a sci-fi/fantasy author who loves throwing genres in the blender and hitting frappé.

Kirkus Reviews calls her style “frothy.” She’s an expert in world-building and writer’s voice, and has led panels and taught classes on both. Being an introvert, she was more surprised than anyone to find that people actually liked her Twitter account.

She’s lived all over the US, and has spent a ridiculous amount of time bouncing between coasts. Also, she wrangles Gorishfish. That’s a full-time job.

Say Hello to Gorishfish

Say Hello to Gorishfish

While building a fictional universe that spans thousands of years and multiple worlds, she also writes regularly for The Write Practice, where her articles focus on encouragement for other writers, as well as tips and tricks for beating writer’s block, writer’s doubt, and more.

She’s happily married, is owned by *two cats, and really hates the heat of the mid-west. But that’s okay. She’ll be moving very soon, bidding baking-temperature-summers and cholla cactuses goodbye.

To learn more (and begin an ordinary conversation), subscribe to her free email newsletter or send her an email.

This demanding cat is 20 years old. He's allowed to be demanding.

* The older Kitty has gone on to Kitty heaven, but changing the bio is too painful, so the words stay. He was 20 years old and thus allowed to be demanding.


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