Not an Easy Announcement

Many of you noticed that Gorishfish disappeared for... well, a couple of months. There's a reason for this. It's time to explain it all.

A Tale of Two (Or More) Hosts

Let me tell you a tale of derring-do and big dreams. Also web-hosting.

Ten Steps to Perfect Cover Design

Follow these ten steps, and your cover will look professional. Whether your cover looks good depends on the photos and fonts you choose, but if you follow these steps, your readers will thank you!

A Million Discarded Words

It strikes me that today is a day for encouragement. May this post speed you on your way.

How to Build a Website (For Authors)

There are four aspects to this: hosting; a domain; design; and content.

Absent From the Body…

I lost a mentor today.

Dr. Samuel Hsu was a brilliant musician, a keen humorist, and the best history teacher I've ever had. He understood that learning isn't all about disconnected facts.

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